Land for sale 60th Sadova St. Kyiv R-32352

Osokorky, Darnytskyi district, Kyiv Code: R-32352

3 689 000* UAH

140 000 $

In USD140 000 $

In Euro121 000 €

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  • Photo (3)
  • Street
  • Square land
    8 acres
  • Land use
    Residential development and commercial use
  • Gas support
  • Price per acres
    461 000 UAH
  • Presence of bargain
  • Description

    FACADE PLOT, 60th Garden-Central, Slavutich Metro Station in 3 minutes drive. 7.5 + 6 (neighboring plot for sale). Great for business! The flow of cars is moving around the clock. On the facade 30m. Asphalted entrance. Parking. Enclosed. Water supply, wells, gas, isolated electricity, sewage. Small house with all conveniences in the far corner 6x6m2, 2 storey, garden. Privatized. Near Piskun Lake. 8000000000:90:957:0001

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