Assessment of real estate

No trading operation can be performed without value estimation of real property. We provide our customers with property estimation services, including:

  • consultations on the current cost of different types of property with the following execution of necessary documents;
  • integrated assessment of property;
  • consultations on expediency of the trading operation with a particular object;

The process of value estimation is quite a complex and laborious task. It consists of several stages:

  • a preliminary examination of real property;
  • data acquisition and analysis of real property.
  • an integrated assessment of real property according to different criteria;
  • a composition of general estimation results.

In their work, Park Lane Real Estate Agency specialists are guided by their extensive experiences in the real estate market, awareness of its current conjuncture and professional methodology. All of these allow us to formulate an exact and objective evaluation of market, consumer, investment or insured cost of any real property.

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