Sale non-residential premises Mahnitohorska St. Kyiv X-24575

Desnianskyi district, Kyiv Code: X-24575

29 920 000* UAH

1 100 000 $

In USD1 100 000 $

In Euro978 000 €

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  • 1800sq.m.
  • 1/4floor
  • Description

    administrative and warehouse complex, the building is detached, the form of the building is "G" shaped, it consists of two floors, all parts and floors of the building are connected by corridors and two flights of stairs, the layout of the "Cabinet" building, the walls are longitudinal walls, the transverse walls are not bearing, and this allows you to change the layout to suit your requirements, the facade is insulated with polystyrene and finished with decorative plaster in 2012.

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